Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS)

Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS)

Vulnerability Management - the process in which vulnerabilities in IT are identified and the risks of these vulnerabilities are evaluated and remediate

Our experienced and dedicated vulnerability management team will help:

  • Identify the vulnerabilities within your organization, so you can focus on protecting your assets
  • Safeguard your critical information
  • Mitigate business risk

Benefits of VMaaS

  • Address modern assets such as IoT, Containers, Applications, and Cloud Environments
  • Help organizations understand their cyber exposure
  • Reduce time, effort, and cost involved in staying ahead of potential threats
  • Meet industry benchmarks (PCI, CIS, NIST, SANS) and provide reassurance to management
  • Provide continuous security posture to your IT infrastructure (on premise and cloud)
  • Report and monitor compliance regulations and security standards


  • Define the scope of the VM process – systems to be included or excluded from the process
  • Discover assets and inventory to determine which hardware equipment, OS, and Software apps are used within the organization
  • Identify asset owners of each system within the scope
  • Buy-in from stakeholders
  • Plan Vulnerability Scan


  • Schedule vulnerability scans
  • Detect critical vulnerabilities exposing systems
  • Review and analyze scan results
  • Validate vulnerabilities and identify false positives
  • Prioritize vulnerabilities based on business impact and technical risk
  • Verify compliance with security policies defined by the organization


  • Create reports suited to organization’s requirements
  • Define remediation plan
  • Analyze prioritized vulnerabilities, determine associated risks, and provide input on risk remediation
  • Implement remediation actions - track the status of the remediating actions


  • Verify that vulnerabilities have been remediated or mitigated
  • Re-scan the systems to verify that vulnerabilities have been successfully remediated